What Can Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Do?

What Can Your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Do?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the latest flagship phone from Samsung, and it is way more than just a sleek and futuristic looking smartphone. This device comes packed with so many subtle features that you might be missing many of them even if you’re using the smartphone as your daily driver.

So, let’s dive deep into the technology used in your S22 Ultra, and see what it’s capable of doing. You can visit https://www.latestphonezone.com/the-interesting-facts-of-top-phones-today/ for a detailed review as well.

New Notes Features

By tweaking the settings, you can make your S22 Ultra open the notes app as soon as you take the S Pen out of the phone. This feature even works if the phone is locked. When you have your smartphone always on display, you can create and view the notes without unlocking the screen.


You can enable the switch by going to the settings of your S Pen from the mobile settings menu. You can even pin the notes on your always on display to view, edit, or delete them.

Reverse Wireless Charging

With your Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can wirelessly charge other devices like smartphones, smart watches and earbuds by attaching them to the back of your phone. This way, you can easily use your S22 Ultra as a wireless charger. This feature is very convenient to use when you’re traveling. However, to avoid accidental charging, the phone requires you to manually enable reverse wireless charging whenever you want to use it.

Virtual RAM

Just in case the humongous 8-12GB RAM of your S22 Ultra isn’t enough, you can actually dedicate some of the internal memory of your phone as RAM to take care of even more RAM-intensive tasks. The feature is called RAM Plus, and you can find it in settings.

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